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ayushmanbharatharyana.in is a personal blog that publishes news on jobs, government schemes and various other areas. We have a team of expert journalists who analyze and bring these news to you.

Let us tell you that all the information provided by us is collected from various government websites, internet, and newspapers. While collecting information, we keep in mind the authenticity and credibility of the news from every aspect. We advise you that after the information given by us, you must visit the relevant website and do the matching.

About ViralHunt

ayushmanbharatharyana.in Website is part of ViralHunt Network. ViralHunt is a Local media channel based in Delhi (India). We have more than 12 employees who bring the latest news to you after verifying it and curating it for better readability.

When did we start?

Started in 2018, ayushmanbharatharyana.in is your one-stop destination for competitive exams, government schemes, social security, finance, and the latest job updates. We take pride in publishing high-quality content that keeps our esteemed audience informed.

Our Team

Together, we strive for excellence. Our collective efforts and shared vision drive us to achieve more than we ever could alone. “Education is our passion, collaboration is our strength, and success is our goal“.
Aman Ali
Aman Ali is an editor, focusing on education. With a keen eye for detail, Aman Ali ensures every story is accurate and well-written. Passionate about tech and education, Aman Ali brings insightful and engaging stories to readers.
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta is a journalist with a postgraduate degree in journalism and currently works as a Sub-editor and part-time writer with excellent knowledge of exams, government aid, and other topics., making sure each one is clear and engaging. His experience helps deliver news that matters to readers.
Prateek Pandey
Prateek Pandey has a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing, Prateek Yadav is a passionate researcher and content writer constantly seeking fresh and innovative ideas to engage readers. He primarily cover stories related to education, recruitments, and government schemes. His diverse interests and experiences contribute to his ability to create engaging and informative content that resonates with audiences.
Sneha Sharma
Sneha Sharma is an adaptable creative professional with expertise in both writing and graphic design. She creates exam-related topics such as admit cards, answer keys, and result announcements and also creates eye-catching visuals that connect audiences with the content. Her combined skills in words and visuals allow her to effectively deliver exceptional solutions.
Kirandeep Kaur
Kirandeep Kaur is a content writer with 4 years of experience in writing blogs, articles, and website content. Knowledge and experience of working on SEO and social media content. Also, skilled in web content writing, Microsoft Word, and public speaking. She can write engaging and meaningful content helpful in providing complete information about the content.

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